Pigeon Control South Wales

pigeon Control South Wales

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IC Pest Services can provide all Private Homes, Retail Premises, Restaurants, Hotels and Guest Houses With a total 5* Pigeon Control Service. We can help with all Pigeon and bird proofing for your premises including Netting, spiking and clean up procedures.

If you are looking for help with Pigeons and require a Pigeon Proofing system we can offer fast Pigeon solutions throughout South Wales. We have a host of 5* Reviews from our customers and are always available for a fast response to any Pigeon emergency


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About Pigeons

Pigeonscan become a real nuisance especially if they are residing on or around your property.

Pigeonsare becoming increasing in numbers especially in town centres where they have adapted to their artificial cliffs of buildings and are becoming a real pest with their droppings on buildings, pavements and cars etc.

These are called Ferral Pigeons and they are a descent of the Wild Rock Dove, this bird has become semi domesticated and the pigeon is the most serious pest associated with human habitations.

Pigeons rely on food scraps and will be found in droves near to, cafe’s, restaurants and other food outlets in busy town centres. These birds also carry many diseases and can be passed from bird to man, many people feed pigeons, but this just encourages them, these birds actually carry more diseases than the brown rat, you would not think about feeding a rat but people do still insist on feeding pigeons, some of the diseases that can be passed on are Salmonella, tuberculosis and ornithosis.


Please request a quote here or contact us on 07496 628626

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